There is just something that I adore about starting a new book. I love sitting down and opening the pages to a brand new story with characters I will get to know. I am someone who is at the library at least once a week and requesting books through the app on my phone when I am not at the library itself!

I have really enjoyed reading other books by Megan Miranda and when I saw Fracture at the library, I decided to try it out. Can I just tell you that I started the book Saturday afternoon and by dinner time yesterday, I was done!! I am not sure if I have ever read a book faster!

The story is considered a Young Adult read but is definitely something adults will enjoy also. The book takes place in Maine in the winter surrounded by layers of ice and snow. The main character, Delaney, finds her life changed forever in an instant, 11 minutes to be exact, while she is out with her friends.

What takes place from there is nothing short of miraculous, creepy and interesting! You follow her on her journey to understand why we are alive and what is happening in her life. The premise of the book isn’t overly dramatic but takes you on a wild ride with Delaney.

If you are looking for a book that you can’t put down because you just need to know what happens next, go grab Fracture from your local library!

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“I hadn’t known that a light could be a feeling and a sound could be a color and a kiss could be both a question and an answer. And that heaven could be the ocean or a person or this moment or something else entirely.”
― Megan Miranda, Fracture

“Maybe hell was just an absence of something. A void waiting to be filled.”
― Megan Miranda, Fracture


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