“A cup of tea is a cup of peace.” – Sen Sshitsu XV

Hey mama. Can I ask you a question?

How much time do you take for yourself everyday?

If you are like me, your answer may be something like 30 minutes, 1 hour or maybe even only 15 minutes.

When I first had my daughter, I thought that by putting my everything into her that I was somehow being the best mom I could be. Silly, I know.

Eventually, I found myself running on empty. I was becoming resentful and not allowing myself enough time at the end of the day to recharge. Quite frankly, my days were bleeding together in an endless strain of commitments, temper tantrums and stress.

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Yeah, doesn’t sound so appealing does it?

I had hit a point where I needed to make some changes and I decided to give myself time each night to really unwind. To put my feet up, indulge myself and let the negative energy from the day simply wash away.

6 Simple Things To Do For A Relxing Mommy Nighttime Routine

Mama, we all deserve to do this. Each and every one of us mothers deserve some time to just be. We spend our days focusing on everyone else, which I wouldn’t have any other way honestly, and we so frequently forget ourselves.

One thing I am really striving for in my life is to find a more simple way of living. I am on a quest to get back to the heart of what truly matters and learn to live more intentional days.

With that in mind, I have explored many different things that I could ultimately incorporate into a relaxing nighttime routine. There are literally SO many little things you can bring into your evening, but for me, these six quiet and simple additions to my night have made such a difference for me.

I want to share with you the things I do at night that have created an amazing and relaxing mommy nighttime routine. (PS none of what I am sharing with you is in any particular order and some nights I only have time for one or two of these.)

I challenge you to try out at least one thing, each night when the kids are finally in bed, to find what works for you!

Light candles.

This is honestly the first thing I do once my daughter is in bed. My husband and I love trying out new candles and new scents, Autumn In The Park by Yankee Candle is still my favorite, and lighting them at night. Even if I don’t have time to do anything else at night, the sight and smell of the candles instantly relaxes me.

Brew some tea or decaf coffee.

You guys, if you have never tried Sleepytime Tea then you are truly missing out. Made of chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass and other natural ingredients, this tea seriously transforms your evening. Brewing a cup of decaffeinated coffee is also a perfect alternative if you aren’t a tea drinker!

Read a book.

Kick up your feet, grab your favorite blanket (I am attached to my leopard blanket) and read a great book. Now, I have to confess that I am a book junkie and am always reading something, but ending my day with a book makes me feel so relaxed and calm. You can’t go wrong diving into a book!

Turn off all electronics.

Seriously. Turn it all off. The TV, the computer, your phone, your iPad, your tablet and anything else you may have that is electronic. We started doing this with my daughter an hour before bedtime, to help her fall asleep easier, and it has helped us to wind down too. Even if the computer goes off 15 minutes before bed, take some time without it before hopping under the covers for the night.

Take a bath.

This is something I am still figuring out how to make time for at night, but one thing that makes me feel so relaxed and content when I am able to fit it in. A few months ago, I met Mariese Skincare on Twitter and we have commented to each other back and forth. I finally got the chance to try some of her products recently and let me tell you, they are amazing! Completely natural and affordable, I am hooked. My favorite is definitely the body scrub and they are perfect for a nighttime soak in the tub! Even better is bringing your candles into the bathroom with you and creating an even more relaxing atmosphere.

Use a diffuser and essential oils.

Okay, I have definitely saved the best for last. I bought a new diffuser recently with some essential oils from Edens Garden and I have been using it every single night. What a difference! It has even been helping my daughter wind down before bed time which is honestly, a miracle. Try some relaxing blends with lavender, chamomile and other relaxing scents in your diffuser and I promise, your stress will melt away!

Do you have something you do, every night, to unwind and relax? I would love to hear from you!

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