“On a bad day, there’s always lipstick.” – Audrey Hepburn

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Oh Ms. Hepburn, you couldn’t be more right!

Are you someone who wears makeup everyday? Or do you pull out your makeup bag for special occasions only? One of the first things I do when I get up in the morning is prep my face for my everyday makeup routine!

I rarely ever stray from my favorite products because of my sensitive and acne prone skin. I also have my go to brushes that I use everyday and with certain products. As you can tell, I am a creature of habit haha!

I want to share with you guys the brushes that I use, what I use them for and where you can grab them for yourself!

bareMinerals – Perfecting Face Brush

If you are in the market for a foundation brush, you HAVE to check out this bareMinerals brush! The center of the brush is concave and the perfect spot for you to pour the product before applying to your face. However, I don’t use it this way! I put spots of the foundation on my face and then spread it with the brush. It gives such an even application of my foundation and the bristles are dense but also soft. $16.90 on Amazon!

bareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush

Pro Beauty Makeup Blender

This beauty blender is a staple in my makeup routine! I am allergic to latex so I have to be careful when I am purchasing a new beauty blender, most of them are made out of latex. This one however is latex free so it is perfect for me. I use it for two things, to apply my concealer and to apply my translucent powder after the concealer. It is super versatile and you can also use it to apply your foundation! $7.95 at Amazon!

ELF Complexion Brush

I have been using this brush for awhile now and it is one of the best! I originally purchased this brush for loose powder but lately I have been using it to apply my bronzer. I use my bronzer on my cheeks, to contour, and on my forehead and this brush works so great! It is super soft and the quality is amazing for the cost. You could use this brush for so many different products and all over your face. $6.99 at Amazon.

e.l.f. Complexion Brush

Crown Beauty – Deluxe Blush Brush

I got this brush in one of my Boxycharm’s and I am obsessed! It is the PERFECT brush for applying blush. After I am done with my bronzer, I go in with my blush. Since I have such fair skin, I don’t use a lot of product because a little goes a long way on my skin and it is easy to go lightly with this brush. The quality is beautiful and I love the grooves in the handle for gripping. $12.00 on the Boxycharm site!

ELF Small Tapered Brush

This is another purchase from a few years ago and a staple for my makeup routine! I don’t use this brush for my blush but I use it for my highlighter. One of my favorite things about this brush is that you only need to have a small amount of your highlighter on the brush because it really picks up the product! I use the tip of the brush for the product and it applies beautifully to my cheek bones, nose and cupid’s bow. I definitely recommend this brush! $3.00 on Amazon, can you beat that?!

e.l.f. Small Tapered Brush

Luxie Pro Precision Tapered Brush

I got this beauty in another one of my Boxycharm boxes and have been using it ever since! I was initially planning to use this brush for my blush but for me, the bristles aren’t dense enough for me and I had a hard time picking up the product. After playing around with it a few times, I found a better use for it: fallout! For some reason, I always tend to have fallout under my eyes from my eye shadows! This brush is perfect for cleaning that up! I think because of the light bristles, it is very soft and doesn’t smudge the shadow. I use this every time I do an eye look! This brush is on the more expensive side, $24.00 from the Luxie website, but it is TOTALLY worth it!

Luxie Rose Gold Pro Precision Tapered Face Brush 640

Moda Pro Crease Brush and Urban Decay Naked 2 Brush

Okay, I put these two together because they both came in a set! The Naked 2 brush came with the palette and I use it for all of my eye shadow. The Moda Pro BMX-430 Crease brush came in one of my Boxycharms as a set of three but I don’t use the other two as much! Both of these brushes are fabulous and I honestly use everytime I use shadow. Any dense, small crease brush will work the same and the Naked brush is a little thicker with longer bristles!

ELF Concealer Brush

Last but not least is an oldie but a goodie! This brush has been in my rotation for years! I know it is called a concealer brush but I use it for eye shadow. The brush is stiff and perfect for applying glitter or shimmer on your eyelids. Wet it a little with your favorite setting spray and pack on the product! For $3.00, you have to get one of these for your makeup bag!

e.l.f. Concealer Brush

Each of these brushes are great quality, inexpensive and super versatile for all of your makeup needs! One thing I have learned over the years is that you don’t need to use a brush the way it is meant to be used, find your own staples and stick to them!

Do you use the same brushes with your everyday makeup routine? What is your favorite brush? Comment below! XOXO