“She reads books as one would breathe air, to fill up and live.” – Annie Dillard

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Confession: I am a book nerd. I am someone who visits the library at least once a week and I always have one or two books on deck to read. I read when I wake up in the morning, before I go to sleep at night, on long car rides and anytime in between I can. Yup, a nerd.

Since my daughter was born, we have been reading to her!

I always knew that I wanted to instill a love of reading in her and we have always made it a priority. In this picture, she was around 16 months old and I found her sitting in her play room, in a chair, with a book. (Proud mom moment right there!)

When she started Kindergarten, she could read simple sight words and recognized some words but she was not really reading on her own yet.

Fast forward to now, in the middle of first grade, and she is reading at a second grade level and LOVES it! Most nights, when she is supposed to be asleep, she is in her bed reading with her headlamp. (Thanks Grandma!)

Watching my little one learn how to read has been one of the most amazing things to see since becoming a parent. Last year, we started buying chapter books and reading them to her every other night. Our plan was to mix in her reading to us with us reading to her.

Today, it may take her half an hour to read one chapter, but she can do it by herself! She needs help with words and sometimes gets lost but she loves these books!

Must-Have Chapter Books For Young Readers

If you have a little one who is reading well or at the beginning of their reading journey, these chapter books I am going to tell you about should definitely be on your bookshelf. You can find all of them on Amazon and they are so fun to read!

1. Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew

Raise your hand if you were a Nancy Drew fan when you were younger! I definitely was! These books are so cute and perfect for your young reader. The chapters are around 10-11 pages and my daughter has a hard time with some of the words, but overall she can read this on her own. She loves trying to figure out the mystery and after each chapter we talk about who could be the culprit. So far we have eight but there are more than 30 books in the series! This is definitely one we will be reading for a long time.

2. Milo and Jazz

Along the same lines as Nancy Drew, this series is full of detective skills and adventure! Milo and Jazz are best friends who solve lots of mysteries, from a poisoned pig to a haunted house. The chapters in these books are short which is perfect for a young reader! We have almost all of the books in this series and my daughter loves reading them.

3. Eerie Elementary

The elementary school is alive! This series is just creepy enough to be exciting but not enough to scare a young reader. My daughter gets scared pretty easily, except when it comes to her wearing a creepy mask and scaring other kids on Halloween, but this book hasn’t been scary for her at all. Sam, the main character, has to try and save the other students from the school. It’s really cute and is full of words that my first grader can read!

4. Owl Diaries

These books are so cute, you may even want to read them yourself! I heard about these books from another mom whose daughter is in first grade so we decided to try them out. My daughter liked them so much that we decided to buy the whole series. The main character, Eva, deals with a lot of the same issues as elementary school students and my little one has been able to relate to her even though she is an owl! The pages are filled with easy to read words, bright illustrations and fun adventures.

5. Bad Guys

Okay, these books may not be the most educational but they are so funny and an easy read for little ones! We first saw Bad Guys at my daughter’s book fair and thought it looked cute so we grabbed it. I can tell you that we read that first book in 2 days, that’s how funny it is. It is about a few unlikely allies, who you may think of as “bad”, that work together to defeat evil. We literally laugh out loud while we are reading these books! We will be getting more in the series!

6. Ivy and Bean

This is the chapter book that we started with because my daughter’s teacher in Kindergarten had started reading these to the class. Ivy and Bean are two little girls who weren’t friends at first but quickly form a bond filled with adventure and mystery. I have read many reviews about these books and there are lots of parents who feel that the characters are mean girls that they don’t want their children reading about and liking.

While I do agree that the girls may not always be nice and Bean doesn’t treat her sister respectfully, honestly my daughter didn’t even notice that part of the book. This one may be a controversial series but she really likes each of the books and hasn’t gotten any bad behavior from the girls.

It is filled with humor that my first grader can understand and words that she can read on her own. I have the second box set in my shopping cart as we speak!

We have so much fun reading with our little one, whether it is a chapter book or a book from school. Reading is big in our house and I can’t wait to continue to share my love of books with my girl!

Have you read any of these books to your young reader? What is their favorite book? Comment below!

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