Dear stay at home mom,

I see you. Boy, do I see you. And I have been there in the trenches with you.

I have looked at other people on social media and was jealous. I have truly loved being there for every big moment in my daughter’s little life.

I have cried to my husband and felt trapped. I have considered myself so incredibly lucky to raise our daughter everyday. I have felt it all.

When my daughter was born, my husband and I decided that financially it was the best decision for us for me to stay home.

To The Stay At Home Mom

I wasn’t working at the time and we don’t have any family around us that can watch her on a regular basis. Daycare is so expensive and all of the jobs I found didn’t pay enough to justify paying for daycare.

Everyone has different reasons for staying at home while the kids are little. Maybe you have always wanted to be a stay at home mom. Maybe, like me, it was a decision you made that was the best for your family.

Whatever your reason is, here you are.

Many people think being a stay at home mom is easy, heck even my husband has said he wished he could stay home instead of going to work.

But it is work. It is a lot of work. It is rewarding, exhausting, boring and beautiful.

Being a stay at home mom and being a working mom are two completely different worlds, and now that I have transitioned to a working mom I see the intense struggles and triumphs in both.

No mom is better than the other because of the choices they have made. We are all just trying to do the best we can for our kids and our family and each mom’s situation is unique.

My husband and I were unable to put my little one in pre-school, so I took it upon myself to teach her and make sure she was ready for school.

I bought workbooks, made flashcards and each day we would sit down and she would learn. I cleaned the house, took care of the dogs, cooked the meals and tried to shape the person she would be.

Today, I drop her off at school and go right to work. I pick her up after work and we do homework, I cook dinner, take her to karate, shower her and put her to bed.

I see you mama.

I want you to know that it gets better.

Do you feel cut off from adult relationships? Are you unsure if you are doing all you can for your kids? You are. You are doing better than you think.

One day, you will look back at your time home and be grateful for the opportunity.

I am. I am so thankful I stayed home and I can tell you that three years ago, I wouldn’t have said that.

Hold tight, mama. Know that you are amazing.

Go ahead and love on your little ones, because one day, you will miss this.

“The days may seem long, but the years are short.”