“She believed she could but she put the kids to bed and then was too tired.” – http://www.mommypotamus.com

I see you, mama. I see that tired look on your face and those eyes that tell of sleepless nights and busy days.

Some days, the only way I make it through to bedtime is with lots of caffeine and even more under eye concealer. And on those particularly rough days, no amount of makeup can cover up the bags under these eyes of mine.

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There are so many hats that we have to wear every single day from wife and mom to employee and taxi driver. It is so easy to go through the motions day in and day out and find yourself with nothing left to give. No more patience. No more smiles. No more energy.

When I was a stay at home mom, I was constantly running on empty. Constantly.

My days were filled with diapers, formula and Caillou. I was drowning in motherhood.

On those days when I did get some time for myself, I felt such mom guilt that I found it almost impossible to enjoy myself. But inside, I had nothing left to give to my precious little girl.

And you know what? I thought that’s how I was supposed to be. I thought that by literally putting my all into my daughter, that somehow, I was excelling at motherhood. I was so wrong.

You see, what I didn’t realize was that without taking care of myself first, I couldn’t possibly be the mom to my daughter that I wanted to be and more importantly that she deserved.

I used to wear “busy” as a badge of honor in motherhood. I was so proud to be running around like a chicken with my head cut off, completely immersed in trying to create perfect Pinterest worthy crafts and being supermom.

Ridiculous right?? But that was my reality.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.”

I remember coming across this quote a few years ago and it really struck a chord with me and has stayed with me ever since. How can I expect to take care of everyone else if I am not taking care of myself first?

Mama, listen to me, you don’t need to continue to run on empty. I promise you, you don’t!

Take some time for yourself. Remember who you are, outside of your family, and take care of that woman too.

It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to not do everything yourself. It’s okay to say ‘no’ and focus time on yourself. Does that make you less of a mom? Does that make you selfish? Does this mean you don’t love your kids and your husband or partner? Absolutely not!

This means you are human. And you mama, are human.

Everyone needs a break sometimes. Take a breath, sit down for five minutes and realize how amazing you are. You get up every single day and love your babies with everything you have and that, makes you supermom.

Not saying “yes” to everything even when you don’t have the time. Not joining the PTA, being a room mom and being the soccer coach. Not spending every second of every day making sure that everyone else is okay.

No, those things don’t make you supermom. You are supermom because you try, day in and day out, even on your worst days.

Today, my cup may not always be full, but I do a much better job of taking care of myself. Whether it is putting my daughter in her room with her iPad for an hour while I read my book or taking a walk on a nice day, I try to make sure my needs are also met.

I have learned that when I am happy, it is much easier to be a patient and loving mommy and wife to my little family. Yes, I still have days where I haven’t sat down for more than 20 minutes but those days are few and far between now. And you know what? I am SUCH a different mom now!

From one mom who used to run on empty to another, it is time that you started to fill up your own cup. Your family will thank you.

Have you ever felt like you were running on empty? What is one thing you do, when you have those days, to make sure you are taken care of too? Comment below! XOXO